Step 1 – A hidden knowledge

The language of the locals is a language that no one teaches you. No student exam, book or teacher can teach you how people communicate in their daily life and the words, phrases, idioms, they use. But Glossopolis does. Glossopolis helps you communicate in the real life, when people around you start speaking fast and using the colloquial way of expression. All the content is built considering the practical needs of the persons that visit Greece and offering a unique travel experience through the language learning.

Step 2 – The local experience

The biggest reward when learning a language is to be able to speak with the locals. This is what we want to offer you. We truly believe in the power of speaking as the best mean of language learning. So we invite you to practice with all the well trained personnel of the local businesses and ask what you want in Greek! This is what locals do and this is what will give a huge boost to your confidence since you will be understood by the locals!

Step 3 – A unique reward

Did you reach step 3? We are so proud of you! We want to reward you with a unique present! We offer you a reduction for the services you used while you spoke Greek! In this way, not only do we care about your linguistic progress but we also help you save money during your holidays by living and reacting as a local!