Thanks! You are welcome!

Ευχαριστώ – παρακαλώ! Efharisto – parakalo! Thanks – you are welcome!

These two verbs are very important for your stay in Greece! You will be constantly using them during your holidays.

They both belong to the first group of verbs, which means they end in – ω. The conjugation is as follows:

Εγώ ευχαριστ-ώ Ego efharisto I thank
Εσύ ευχαριστ-είς Essi efharistis You thank
Αυτός ευχαριστ-εί Aftos efharisti He thanks
Αυτή ευχαριστ-εί Afti efharisti She thanks
Αυτό ευχαριστ-εί Afto efharisti It thanks
Εμείς ευχαριστ-ούμε Emis efharistoume We thank
Εσείς ευχαριστ-είτε Essis efharistite You thank
Αυτοί ευχαριστ-ούν Afti efharist-oun They thank (Masculine)
Αυτές ευχαριστ-ούν Aftes efharist-oun They thank (Feminine)
Αυτά ευχαριστ-ούν Afta efharist-oun They thank (Neuter)
Εγώ παρακαλ-ώ Ego parakal-o I please
Εσύ παρακαλ-είς Essi parakal-is You please
Αυτός παρακαλ-εί Aftos parakal-i He pleases
Αυτή παρακαλ-εί Afti parakal-i She pleases
Αυτό παρακαλ-εί Afto parakal-i It pleases
Εμείς παρακαλ-ούμε Emis parakal-oume We please
Εσείς παρακαλ-είτε Essis parakal-ite You please
Αυτοί παρακαλ-ούν Afti parakal-oun They please (Masculine)
Αυτές παρακαλ-ούν Aftes parakal-oun They please (Feminine)
Αυτά παρακαλ-ούν Afta parakal-oun They please (Neuter)