I want to drink a…

  • The verb θέλω/ thelo = I want, is one of the most important verbs for your trip. You will use it everywhere you go and it is essential to know its conjugation by heart.

It is a verb of the first group, which means it ends with  and has the following suffixes and conjugation.

Εγώ θέλ-ω Ego thel-o I want
Εσύ θέλ-εις Esi thel-is You want
Αυτός θέλ-ει Aftos thel-i He wants
Αυτή θέλ-ει Afti thel-i She wants
Αυτό θέλ-ει Afto thel-i It wants
Εμείς θέλ-ουμε Emis thel-oume We want
Εσείς θέλ-ετε Esis thel-ete You want (Plural and Polite Form)
Αυτοί θέλ-ουν Afti thel-oun They want (Masculine)
Αυτές θέλ-ουν Aftes thel-oun They want (Feminine)
Αυτά θέλ-ουν Afta thel-oun They want (Neuter)