Glossopolis is a Greek language e-learning platform that helps you communicate in all the possible situations you may need to speak Greek in Greece. The main philosophy of Glossopolis is that the best way to learn a new language is to visit the country that is spoken and speak with the locals so we help you have access to a series of local businesses and speak Greek with the well trained personnel. When you get there and you speak the language there is a very nice reward for your effort!

You get reduction from 15-30% for the services of the businesses you have visited! In this way, you save money during your holidays and you feel the place as locals do! This new language learning method and way of tourism is called Linguistic Tourism. So instead of being just a tourist why don’t you become a linguistic tourist?

The Language City

Glossopolis means the Language City. It’s a city full of linguistic surprises! That means that the language you learn is a knowledge that can’t be found in any book or institute. Because the language we teach you is the language of the locals! Slang, colloquial phrases, idioms, even swearwords! When you reach the place you won’t use scholar phrases that no one uses but you will communicate in a way that everybody understands and be sure that they will be fully surprised by that!

Moreover, our courses show all the cultural aspects and way of living in Greece and are accompanied with plenty of exercises and cultural resources. In this way, you dive into the culture and you get to know the real life while you learn from the comfort of your home at any time you wish.

Why Greek

History throughout the years

Have you ever thought that you may be speaking Greek without even noticing it? We all use words such as; philosophy, democracy, astronomy, politics, mathematics, geometry, logic, economics, telephone, etc. These are all Greek words or Greek rooted words and many of them are sources of International Scientific Vocabulary. History shows that the Greek language played an importance role for the history of Europe since we find it in texts of Western philosophy or in the New Testament of the Christian Bible that was written in Koine Greek language.

Moreover, the study of the Greek texts and society of antiquity constitutes the discipline of classics. Greek was a lingua franca in the Mediterranean world and it was the official parlance of the Byzantine Empire. Presently, Greek is one of the 24 official languages of the European Union and it is spoken in Greece and Cyprus and diaspora communities in many parts of the world.

Learn while you travel

Let’s admit it. Greece is a place where there is plenty of sun, sea, excellent food, hospitable people and very high quality touristic services. If you haven’t visited yet you have thought of doing so. But why don’t you take more advantage of it? Learn the language prior to arriving there. Get to know the place and the culture and when you arrive just practice with the locals. Glossopolis provides a huge network of local businesses like taxis, hotels, restaurants, bars so when you get there you can speak Greek and get reduction for the relevant services as a great reward for your effort!

Meet Modern Greece

You know of Aristotle and Plato but aren’t you curious to see the modern life in 2014?

When someone speaks about the Greek culture everybody thinks of marble, ancient places or that philosophers are walking around ancient temples. Or that locals dance Sirtaki and break plates when they have fun. That is not the truth. Modern Greek life is quite different than the one you thought and we invite you to discover it either by our courses or by visiting Greece and get along with the locals. Glossopolis offers the possibility to live the language, learn the meaning behind the words and experience the life as locals do.

Get to know your origin

What if you have Greek origin? Wouldn’t you like to be connected with your ancestor’s language? The language is the first connection between a mother and a child. The same connection can also be said about languages and the place of origin. Through our modern content based on the 2014 linguistic reality, you get connected to your country and to the locals’ mindset, you are not removed from its culture and modern life, your children learn it better and they can continue studying the language while they continue feeling the connection to it.

An exotic language on the go

Greece might be far from you and Greek may seem hard. Don’t you want to learn an exotic language in an affordable and fun way? Here is where Glossopolis comes in. You learn Greek in a fun and relaxing way since you watch daily aspects, at any time you wish, in an affordable and personalized way. The content is tailor made to fit your needs and can be learned at your own pace. As a member of the Greek Learners Community you will have the confidence to use your new language skills with the locals while enjoying a wonderful vacation. In this way, you learn the language more naturally without the confusion of the textbooks.

Help! I need to relocate!

Let’s say that you have to come to Greece, as an Erasmus student or an expatriate and you have to face the practical aspects of life, the bureaucracy or you have to socialize. This is where you really need to speak the language as it is really spoken and not as it is written in the language books. We invite you to join our community and get prepared for this new chapter of your life, to know the country you will live in and learn how to speak Greek.


Glossopolis believes in the power of the language. We believe that language connects people and the Internet gives a great opportunity to share our cultures and interact. Language is the key player of people’s interaction and facilitates the way of intercultural dialogue. We would love to show you our culture, the way we live and communicate and we invite you to join our society and speak with us. Let’s know each other better. In this way we will break the linguistic barriers and we can make the world a place where we will all understand each other.