Learn the language of the locals

Speak Greek slang, colloquial phrases or even swear words and surprise everyone in town!

Access the local businesses

Connect to our huge local business network speak Greek with the staff, and get your reward!

Speak Greek and get discounts

Get a discount for all the relevant services of the businesses you have visited! It’s worth learning a language, isn’t it? So sign in and let the linguistic trip begin!

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About Glossopolis
Greek language e-learning platform

Glossopolis is a Greek language e-learning platform that helps you communicate in all the possible situations you may need to speak Greek in Greece.

The main philosophy of Glossopolis is that the best way to learn a new language is to visit the country that is spoken and speak with the locals so we help you have access to a series of local businesses and speak Greek with the well trained personnel.

When you get there and you speak the language there is a very nice reward for your effort!

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be a traveler, not
a tourist

You get reduction from 15-30% for the services of the businesses you have visited!

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